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The 2023 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Ibiza has received the World Triathlon gold certificate of sustainability, the highest possible award, for its measures to guarantee the sustainability of the event that will be held on the island of Ibiza from 29 April to 7 May.

En un año histórico para el triatlón en nuestro país, en el que España va a acoger las tres grandes citas del triatlón mundial, el Campeonato del Mundo Multideporte de Ibiza, el Campeonato de Europa de Madrid y la Gran Final de las Series Mundiales, nace Good Loop, el nuevo movimiento de FETRI en aras de la sostenibilidad, sin duda uno de los pilares y rasgos más importantes por los que quiere apostar la Federación Española de Triatlón.

Good Loop (click here para la versión en inglés) tendrá como principal objetivo comunicar las acciones sostenibles realizadas en cada evento y se establece como un movimiento de inspiración en el mundo del deporte.

It will also be a movement that shows the possibility of committing as a brand, company, individual or collective to a series of actions oriented towards sustainability and circularity in the development of products, events and activities, thus entering into a positive loop for people and the planet.

A federation, such as the Spanish Triathlon Federation, has to be, because it is part of our sport, very committed to the environment, sustainability and recycling," said José Hidalgo, president of FETRI. In addition, Hidalgo stressed: "We are also a sport that has always distinguished itself for having a high sensitivity and for understanding triathlon from a concept related to transversality and education in values. For that, there is nothing better than being exemplary. That's why we started this Good Loop movement, we want to be innovative and distinguish ourselves as a sport always attached to innovation and the social realities of everyday life".

Good Loop is therefore a new strategic axis of FETRI, for its international competitions and events, with an important test of fire less than two weeks away, the Ibiza Multisport World Cup, which has set itself the ambitious challenge of becoming one of the most sustainable triathlon events that have been done to date and aspires to obtain the World Triathlon gold certificate, as well as being the first event in Europe to be certified as zero waste.

To achieve these objectives, the organisation of the Ibiza World Championships will undertake this exhaustive action plan starting with the sporting area, continuing with the analysis of the impact of the carbon footprint, the Staff and volunteers and finishing with the partners and the area affected by the championship expo.


  1. Aqualia will be the partner that will provide water in large reusable tanks with several hoses in order to facilitate rapid filling.
  2. Replacement of single-use plastic bottles with reusable cups. Many sporting events have started to change these plastic bottles for cardboard cups, but, the circular economy asks to go one step further.
  3. Reusable cycling bottles: With the aim of preventing them from ending up in the rubbish bin.
  4. To prevent bottles and cups from breaking during the races, athletes will be able to throw them away in areas set up for this purpose, which will be equipped with recycled and locally produced fishing nets.
  5. Collaboration with Ocean52 for the provision of water in aluminium cans for athletes, who must have sealed containers for anti-doping regulations. Ocean52 allocates 52% of its profits to the protection of the ocean.
  6. Welcome packs for athletes, gifts, finisher medals... are also part of the Good Loop sustainable action plan. The objective is to reduce the impact.


  1. "What gets measured, gets managed". The Ibiza Multisport World Championships will be the first international triathlon championships where a carbon footprint calculation is being carried out, including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. We recognise that the biggest impact of our event is linked to the carbon footprint generated by each person's travel to the island. Measuring our impact is important to understand where we need to improve, how we can reduce it and how we can offset it to have a local impact.
  2. Thursday 4 May: we join together for a beach clean-up. We rely on natural ecosystems to do our sport. It is an opportunity to educate together about the importance of taking care of the environments we depend on.
  3. Oceanic Posidonia: It is one of the longest living beings on the planet. It is a plant, with flowers and fruits (not algae). One hectare of Posidonia can sequester as much carbon as 15 hectares of the Amazon. But Posidonia takes about 100 years to grow 1 cm and is suffering high levels of degradation, especially from human impacts. We want this world championship to be a tribute to Posidonia. Can you help us?
  4. We collaborate with IbizaPreservation, a local foundation that works for the preservation of Ibiza and Formentera.
  5. To promote a shared means of transport we have a circular bus to facilitate travel between the different areas of the island.


  1. Staff and volunteers also enter the Good Loop: organic and fair trade cotton t-shirt and sweatshirt, reusable Ocean52 bottle and recycled cotton gymsac to avoid the use of single-use plastics.
  2. At the volunteer picnics we have eliminated single-use bags, single-dose products, unnecessary packaging and only sandwiches will be in recycled compostable paper envelopes. In addition, a 30% vegan menu is offered.
  3. The catering eliminates single-use plastics and replaces them with reusable products.
  4. Bicycles to move around during the event. We have 10 bikes, including 4 electric bikes, in order to reduce our impact during the competitions.


  1. The brands present at the expo are working to eliminate single-use products and individually packaged products in plastic. They are also part of this journey and are contributing and participating with the Good Loop in different ways.
  2. We have had a list of sustainable criteria in order to select our suppliers. We have tried to prioritise local partners to favour the local economy and local entrepreneurship.
  3. En la Zona Expo habrá una sección para la recogida de pilas gracias a la colaboración que hemos recibido de Ecopilas, ERP y Conselleria del Medi Ambient i Territori del Govern de les Illes Balears. Cuando vengáis, no os olvidéis de traer vuestras pilas.
  1. Gracias a Aqualia, contaremos con fuentes de agua en la zona expo. Será el punto donde deportistas, staff, voluntariado, marcas colaboradoras y comunidad local podéis rellenar vuestras botellas reutilizables.
  1. Ma, the company that has developed our sustainability strategy is a local social enterprise and cooperative that exists to contribute to the creation of a circular, regenerative and inclusive economy. It has involved different sectors, experts and local and international organisations in the process.

2023 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Ibiza