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Wetsuit Rental


In this link to the shop you can rent a wetsuit model Sailfish Atlantic 2 for the 2023 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Ibiza with the following conditions:

  • Book the wetsuit up to 15 days in advance. 
  • The rental period of the wetsuit is from two days before the race, until the day after the race in the morning. This allows you to swim with the wetsuit before the event and get used to it.
  • The price of the rental is 40€.
  • To confirm your booking you will need to pay online, no wetsuit will be reserved without a previous booking.
  • You can make the reservation at any time months, weeks, days before the event, but until you make the payment, it is not considered formalized.
  • When renting the wetsuit you must leave a deposit of 100€ as a guarantee. It will be returned to you when you return the wetsuit in the same conditions as when you take it.
  • At the end of the activity you do you must return the wetsuit with fresh water inside and out and let it dry for 24 hours. If you do not return it clean we will deduct 10€.
  • Any damage observed in the wetsuit will result in a discount on the deposit in order to repair it. The minimum repair cost is 20€. The athlete together with the shop staff will check the condition of the wetsuit before handing it in.
  • Except for these exceptions, for each day of delay in returning the wetsuit, a charge of 10€ per day will be made.
  • Even if the wetsuit has not been taken out of the shop, once the payment has been made, in NO CASE will the money be refunded, neither for cancellation of the competition or event, nor for bad weather, nor for indisposition, nor for being forbidden to use the wetsuit.

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2023 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Ibiza