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Presentation of the 2023 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Ibiza in the Supreme Council for Sports


The presentation of the championship took place this afternoon at the CSD in the presence of the president of the Consejo Superior de Deportes José Manuel Franco. Ibiza will host an event that will feature 7 world titles in 10 days.

With 100 days to go until the start of the Ibiza Multisport Triathlon World Championships, the forecasts could not be better. The event will break a record number of participants, as more than 5,000 athletes are expected from all over the world, and the island will host approximately 20,000 people over the 10 days of the championships.

"Today is a great day for Spanish sport, and in particular for Spanish triathlon," said José Manuel Franco, president of the CSD at the World Championships presentation ceremony. "Ibiza is a wonderful island and I am convinced that the World Championships will be a success both from a sporting and organisational point of view, as Spain has already demonstrated on many occasions that it is a world leader in organising events", he added.

In addition to the President of the CSD, José Manuel Franco, the event was attended by important personalities including Marisol Casado, President of World Triathlon and IOC member, José Hidalgo, President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, Salvador Losa, Ibiza's Sports Councillor, and athletes Sara Perez Sala, Emilio Martín, Marta Francés and Samuel Rodríguez.

The World Multisport Championships in Ibiza will be the starting signal for a historic year for Spanish triathlon, which will also host the European Championships in Madrid and the World Series Grand Final in Pontevedra. "Spain will be the triathlon this year, everything important will pass through this country," said José Hidalgo, president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation. "Ibiza will be the start and all the indicators that we are handling indicate that we are going to break records of participants, I think we are going to beat by far the numbers of the best world championships held so far, Ibiza is going to beat it and Spain is going to beat it. It will also be the championship of experiences, because we will see the competitions in iconic places and we will offer a great alternative agenda. All of this will mean that we will have the best World Championship in every way", Hidalgo concluded.

From World Triathlon, its president Marisol Casado stressed that "we are delighted and it is a great honour to work and connect with Ibiza. It is a very special moment, we have been working to make triathlon an elite sport but at the same time a sport for everyone and with the work we are doing in Ibiza this situation will be consolidated, because in this world championship we will see elite championships with championships for the Age Group".

Ibiza will be the world epicentre of triathlon from 29 April to 7 May, with the presence of the best triathletes in the world and also the epicentre of world tourism. "We want to position ourselves as a destination also for sports tourism. We believe that hosting this world championship is the consolidation of all the work we are doing, we are very proud and we are sure that something spectacular will come out of it. We have the hotel infrastructure, the communications, the gastronomy, the culture, the coves... It will be something that will remain in everyone's memory for many years to come," said Salvador Losa, Ibiza's Sports Councillor.

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